What is Hydroblasting?
A lot of people don't understand its significance. To get down explaining the meaning of Hydroblasting to a person, telling him that we can actually cut his house into half with only water stream, it's surprising to a lot of people.
Hydroblasting…….., High or Ultra Pressure Water Washing , is a reliable & cost saving cleaning method that uses the sheer force of water pressure between (700 - 2800 bar) at a various volume of water flow to suit each case separately.

Who is Easy Power for Hydroblasting?

Easy Power is a company that offers a full range of High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting services next to the unique service of Hydrodemolition. Let's take a look at the specifications of each service mentioned above:

With increasing International environmental regulations impacting of the use of sand blasting and increasing environmental awareness by all contractors and manufacturers, Easy Power for Hydroblasting is well positioned to offer a competitive and viable service with additional potential for improved operational efficiencies.

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